How to lay a slab base

This method is a cheaper option to concrete; however, if done correctly it will be just as effective.


Mark out where you want to place the building, Clear the entire top layer of vegetation.

We recommend that you remove at least 4-6” of ground and replace with compacted stone mot1 / reclaimed crushed concrete sometimes referred to as “hardcore”,

however if you are digging into solid sand stone just level the area and skip this step

Tip: An additional border of approximately 6" (150mm) around the edge of the base will allow you to fill with decorative chippings. Giving water running off the shed and base a path to soak away .

Materials Required

For our example a building measuring 8' x 6' with slabs measuring 2' x 2' (600mm x 600mm) you would require 12 slabs, laid in a 4 slabs long x 3 slabs wide configuration.

The more readily available 18" x 18" (450mm x 450mm) slabs, you would require 24 slabs, laid in a 6 slabs long x 4 slabs wide configuration, 4 of which would need to be cut.

Sharp sand is the preferred material and most stable to bed slabs on.
Suggested Tools

Rubber Mallet
Tape Measure & String
Spirit Level
Cement mixer (if available)
Petrol cut off saw (if available)
Vibrating compactor plate
Trowel Bucket • we would also suggest you purchase Knee pads

Once you’re “hard core” has been spread level use your Vibrating compactor plate to compact the stone until it is solid underfoot


We recommend a fairly dry mix to prevent the slabs sinking



Starting in one corner lay the first slab into its position, carefully levelling in all directions using a spirit level. Continue along one complete side and edge creating a right angle. These first slabs are the important ones as these will determine the overall level of the base, then you can start to fill in the remainder of the slabs keep levelling and checking.

Tip: Have a bucket of the dry mix next to you, you can then add or remove material to keep each slab level.

If you need to cut any slabs, measure and mark the slab, then using the bolster and hammer score the slab along its length and edges, one heavier blow towards the centre of the score line should break the slab (some slabs are more brittle than others and this may not always work) have the side that has been cut facing into the area, this will leave the good edge showing.

Care should always be taken when handling tools and materials, please read all packaging,
WSG LTD will be exempt from any liability, which may result in any way.
 From the advice we have given


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