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Building Sizes

All sizes are approximate based on roof size, bearing in mind space required for installation and maintenance. We advise you check internal sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose. Planning permission can be required on some buildings depending on size and location, please check with your local council if unsure.(some council owned property’s also require permission directly from the council housing department)

Fence Panels

Fence panels are sold in feet however the widths, 6ft  refers to the metric equivalant 1800 wide , 

The height can be +/- 2" for total finsh 


Buildings supplied factory treated are stained with a base coat of water based forest green/chestnut brown, The treatment process can result in some colour variation or drying marks, this will not affect the performance of the treatment or building. Factory treatment excludes roofs on most models.

You can request a solvet factory coat at an extra cost then your building will not need any treatment for 1 year from installation


Standard shed doors are supplied with  galvanised hinges and a standard shed lock and key. An additional pad bolt and security bolts and screws can be fitted at an extra cost standard shed doors are usually a 30" opening, unless requested bigger or smaller 


Quantity of windows refers to standard buildings only. Number of windows on sheds depends on door position.

All windows are fixed unless otherwise stated.

Summer houses all large panes of glass are styreen as standard unless stated other wise

Glass supplied is 3 mm horticultural (except children’s playhouses) (will be subsitited for styreen) fixed with beading. 

Safety glass can be ordered at extra cost on most buildings. Buildings can be supplied without windows at no extra cost

where styreene is offered  the styreen installed into your product this is a FREE sheet and therfor we cannot garantee that it will not have minor scratches, and or it may discoulour over a period of time (where extreem weather conditions have been exposed to your glazing this may happen sooner than later)  

we offer this is a cost effective way to ensure end user saftey when budgets do not allow for toughened glass upgrades

we always recomend upgrading to toughened saftey glass when possible for long term reliability 


Design /size 

If you give us maximum sizes to work within we will make sure your product is never larger (may be slightly smaller) than the sizes stated, standard buildings have a tolerance of +/-4" .

With this in mind any drawings sent to you for approval are only for illustration purposes only and not a true representative of the product you will receive as some times we may have to remove or alter the number of windows etc requested not to exceed the max size of the product you have ordered or to ensure maximum usability of the product you will receive with in the size you have ordered

No notice of this will be given as this is a manufacturing decision however we will always ensure this does not affect the quality of your product   

Access to your garden

Please bear in mind that not all building sections will fit through a standard doorway or go around 90 degree corners, if you have restrictions please telephone us to discuss the best option for you

 Shed base

It is essential that your garden building is assembled onto a suitable base, which must be solid, level and square. We recommend a paving slab base/concrete.
Click here to learn how to prepare a base


Buildings supplied untreated should be treated as soon as possible after delivery using a good quality oil or solvent based preservative. Buildings supplied with a factory base coat of treatment should be re-treated within the first six months (we recommend immediately) and from then on annual basis. It is advisable to fit guttering to larger buildings
A solvent top coat can be provided at an addition cost (so you will not have to coat your building for 1 year)


All buildings are supplied complete with floor (unless otherwise stated), Heavy duty green mineral felt is supplied free of charge, glass, trims and fixings. Roof purlins and trusses are supplied where necessary. (on larger buildings) Timber sizes are nominal (before the planer process )

We may alter design specification or materials at any time in an effort to keep our standards as high as possible and we will react to market demand and always deliver the highest quality possible

Delivery time

Many of our products are made to order so please allow sufficient time when ordering if you require your building for a certain date. Our busiest time is spring and summer so please allow extra time if ordering during this period.                                                                   


Buildings are supplied with a standard 12 months structural guarantee against faulty workmanship.

We do not cover damage by extreme weather conditions  we recommend you check if your building is covered by your household insurance in case of storm damage etc.  

Please see more information here 

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