Standard Guarantee

Standard treated products carry a 1 year structual guarantee.


Validity of Guarantee

if you opted to assemble your own product you must follow the instructions which are supplied with each building should be adhered to comply with the conditions of the guarantee. If any part of pre-treated timber is cut, notched or drilled then an approved cut-end treatment should be applied to comply with the conditions of the guarantee. A suitable timber treatment should be applied immediately after installation (inside and out) and then applied every 12 months to maintain the appearance of the timber and to comply with the conditions of the guarantee


 The application and/or mixing guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the timber treatment should be followed.
The guarantee is invalid if:

·         If the building has been customised or modified in any way.

·         The person claiming is not the original purchaser of the building.

·         The building has not been treated annually or as per the treatment of the manufacturers.

·         The building has not been erected on a solid / concrete base or placed on pressure treated bearers.

·         The building has not been erected, fitted or installed correctly.

·         The building is or has been touching any external wall which can allow moisture to penetrate the timber.

·         The ground around the building is higher than the bottom of the floor bearers and touching the structure

·         The air flow underneath the building has been restricted without allowing for ventilation

·         The shed has trees/plants/shrubs growing on the roof/walls

·         Glass has been broken and not replaced allowing water ingress

·         Roof felt has been damaged by external forces including but not limited to extreme weather conditions and not repaired allowing water ingress


Wood is a natural product and susceptible to changes in temperatures and humidity and may cause a reaction to the timber this is not a product defect but a natural process beyond our control this is why treatment of your building is important to prevent problems occurring This will not affect the structural strength of the wood or the product guarantee.



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