Garden Building Installation Terms and Conditions 

These T&C are a legally Binding contact for  ALL SALES this includes but not limited to /our own website /phone sales /ebay sales/reception sales / other online venue sales

A link will be available to this page at all points of purchase,/ and or a copy made available on request, By purchasing one of our product you are legally entering a binding contract as outlined below these T&C will outline 'our' and 'your' responcibilitys 

“Us” “our” ”we” = woodhouse sheds &  garages ltd/ any of its directors or sectary’s  / employees

“You” “your”  = The buyer/ any end user / Diy installer /any family member of the buyer / any members of the general public who may use our products    

Supply - When will we install your garden building.

1.     We aim to install your new garden product within 2-8 weeks of order during busy times this time may be extended 

2.     Our Delivery teams can deliver and or install your garden building any time between 7.30AM - 10.00PM

3.     We Offer a named day delivery service only, but will always try and keep you updated and give an AM or PM when possible ,

4.     Our installation service is available to most of uk – please refer to the map to see if we install in your area.

5.     Customers will be contacted to arrange an installation date.

6.     Installations are carried out from Monday to Friday only. We do not offer a Saturday  or Sunday installation service.

7.     Occasionally delivery’s may be delayed and not arrive on the named day we cannot be held responsible for any loss you may encounter   

8.     We will always try and work with in the agreed time scales and delivery schedules, However on some occasions this may not be possible this is NOT a valid reason for ‘you’ to cancel your order as we will reschedule you a new date asap

9. We cannot be held liable for problems with your product caused by unlevel/even bases


Installation Requirements - What we need you to do.

1.     Please ensure that a suitable base is provided for the building you have ordered, which must be firm and level and with no obstructions i.e. trees, objects or anything that will encroach on the working space. There must be a clearance of at least 60cm all the way around the shed.

2.     The base must be level and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building.

3.     Please check that access to your garden will allow a clear passage for installers and product. Please ensure that the installation team have suitable space to park their vehicle.

4.     Health and Safety and insurance liabilities prevent us from entering your property or going over any part including garage roof car ports etc, for access we will only be able to deliver the building and will have to abort the installation. we will usuall wait aprox 30min to see if alternative arrangements can be made(time allocated to each job 1 hour to complete installation)

5.     It is essential that you are available when the installation team arrive and when they have finished the building to ensure that the product in installed in the correct location and to your satisfaction. The installation team will ask you to sign a customer satisfaction form. You should note on this form any problems that you have with the building at this point. If problems haven’t been noted at this point and a re-visit is required to resolve the problem you will be charged a call out fee.

6.     If you have a query or require any additional information regarding the delivery and installation of your garden building, then please contact us

7.     We will not enter neighbouring gardens, however if this is the only route we are happy to allow a third part to carry the shed though neighbouring gardens and then when the shed is in your own garden we will be happy to carry on with the installation (a third part must be on site at the same time as us we will not wait for them to arrive as this will cause unacceptable delays in our schedule for other customers )

8.     We will not install next to razor sharp security wires this should be removed and refitted after our team has installed your garden building


Environmental Protection

As a caring company we will dispose of all our waste responsibly, Using approved recycling companies to handle our waste when possible,

As a caring company we hold a valid waste carriers licence

Noise pollution    

As our products are screwed and bolted together there is no hammering involved our teams create very little noise, so this enables us to carry out installation between the hours of 7.30AM - 10.00PM (except in areas where  covenant prevents this)    

Aborted Installation - What happens if we cannot install your garden building. 

If the installation team arrive and are not able to complete the installation of your building for any of the following reasons:

The Installation of your building will be aborted and no refund can be given on any installation fees paid. The building will be left on site for self-installation. If you still require the building to be installed then the cost of the re-visit will available on request depending on location



We must be notified of any access restriction before order this includes but not limited to : Right angle bends,Fences,Height restrictions, excessive steps,

Our Products And Your Rights

All of our products are bespoke and made to ‘your’ specification so we cannot offer any refunds of deposits or any monies paid after 14 days, as by this time considerable work will have been carried out on your order

Our products are not sold for any particular purpose or use therefore is not bound by any building regulations or any other safety requirement,

Glazing on all sheds summer houses are horticultural glass (unless stated otherwise) this can be upgraded to Toughened safety glass or laminate glass subject to an additional cost it is the buyers responsibility to select the correct glazing material for the intended use

Where styreene is offered and accepted , the styreen installed into your product is a FREE sheet and therfor we cannot garantee that it will not have minor scratches, and or that it may or may not discoulour over a period of time (where extreem weather conditions have been exposed to your glazing this may happen sooner than later)We offer this is as a cost effective way to ensure end user safety when budgets do not allow for toughened glass upgrades,

however we always recommend upgrading to toughened safety glass when possible for long term reliability 


As a caring manufacturer ALL play houses will only contain safety glass we will not put standard glass in even if you request us to

All products  sizes quoted  are roof sizes (unless stated other wise) (ie building size if requested at time of order )
All products have a manufacturing tolerace of +/-3" however if you require your product to fit a certain space please inform us of your requiremnts and max sizes at time of order (bespoke products) and we will ensue your product is as close as possible to your required size but never larger than requested ,

Naturally we cannot know all of the circumstances around how our products are used and cared for  so  ultimately the responsibility falls with the end user(s) to determine if a product is suitable or safe for the intended purpose  

Naturally we make all of our products to the highest standard but regrettably “we” ( woodhouse sheds & garages ltd and or any of its directors ) cannot be held responsible for injury however caused by the use or care of its products,

Assuring you our best attention at all times 

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