These terms and conditions are a legally binding contract for ALL SALES including Ebay/retail sales sites/phone/websites

This includes but not limited to: 

Our own website | Phone sales | eBay sales | Reception sales | Other online venue sales.

copy made available on request.

By purchasing one of our product you are legally entering a binding contract as outlined below, these T&C will outline 'our' and 'your' responsibility.

“Us” “our” “we” “wsg ltd” “wsg garden products” = Woodhouse Sheds &  Garages Ltd | Any of its directors or secretaries | Employees. 

“You” “your”  = The buyer | Any end-user | DIY installer | Any family member of the buyer | Any members of the general public who may use our products.


Usefull words

"Bespoke"=Made for you from scratch at your request and cannot be cancelled after 7 days

"Asap" As soon as safely, legally, physically possible

"Consent" = Agree with out doubt

"Indemnity claims" = Instructing your credit provider to recover the amounts paid to us

"Credit card reversals" = Instructing your credit card provider to recover the amounts paid to us

"Paypal/ebay claims"= Instructing ebay/paypal to step in and refund your money

"CODEL" = A Protocol that enables us to delay orders due to real world conditions 

"Install"= "we" will carry out the erection of your shed/summerhouse or other bespoke building free of charge providing we have clear access ( No "restricted access")

"Waiting time" = any delays on site due to problems that are not "our" fault a fee will be charged 

"Restricted access"= Anything that will prevent our team and product reaching the location "you" request "us" to install on in a reasonable amount of time including but no limited to ,height restrictions,(including,arches,cables,trees,gate tops)sharp bends,excessive steps, lifing over hedges, fences, carrying though woodland, train lines,play parks,taking our vehicle off road onto muddy/boggy ground,exccesive carry distances,though any buildings inclusing but not limited to, houses,flats,carports,garages,other,garden buildings,  

Deliver = Deliverying your product to your requested address, the minimum service we offer is kerbside drop anything above this is at our drivers discretion, and help should always be on hand to help recieve the product you have ordered
(please note that some panels are large heavy and bulky )

Travel costs = Money paid for Red , and purple delivery areas these are not installation fees these are additional travel costs    more info here http://woodhouseshedsandgaragesltd.co.uk/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=6


Setting Expectation

"we" by request of "you" will manufacture your "bespoke" order, and "deliver" and or "install" "your" product "asap",this is on the understanding that all products after 7 days cannot be cancelled as significant work will have been carried out on your "bespoke" order so no refund can be issued,and on completion of manufacturer all balances must be paid in full even if "delivery" and or "installation attempts" have failed,by placing an order with "us" you agree to this and cannot be contested in any circamstances

If an order is placed and cancelled after this "you" are liable for the total amout, if "you" decide to issue "indemnity claims" / "credit card reversals" / "paypal/ebay claims" you accept that "we" will issue legal and recovery proceeding against "you" including recovering all costs this will be carried out by high court bailiffs,this can seriously Affect your credit rating


Supply - When will we Deliver /install your garden building

1.    We aim to install your new garden product within 2-8 weeks of order, during busy times this time may be extended.

2.    Our delivery teams can deliver and or install your garden building any time between 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM

3.    We offer a named day delivery service only, but will always try and keep you updated and give an AM or PM when possible.

4.    Our installation service is available to most of the UK

5.    Customers will be contacted to arrange a delivery and installation date.

6.    Installations are carried out from Monday to Friday only. We do not offer a Saturday or Sunday installation service.

7.    Occasionally deliveries may be delayed and not arrive on the named day, we cannot be held responsible for any loss that you may encounter.  

8.  Delays in delivering your product due to incidents that are "beyond our control" are not a valid reason to cancel your order

9.    We will always try and work within the agreed time scales and delivery schedules, however on some occasions this may not be possible. This is NOT a valid reason for ‘you’ to cancel your order as we will reschedule you a new date as soon as possible. 

10. All goods will remain the property of the company until paid for in full

11. We offer "delivery" and "installation" free of charge we reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time with out notice, in the event we have arrived and cannot "install" your product due to no fault of our own no refunds can be offered of any kind including any "travel costs"





Installation Requirements - What we need you to do.

1.    Please ensure that a suitable base is provided for the building you have ordered, which must be firm and level and with no obstructions.

I.E. trees, objects or anything that will encroach on the working space. There must be a clearance of at least 60cm all the way around the shed.

2.    The base must be level and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building.

3.    Please check that access to your garden will allow a clear passage for installers and product. 

Please ensure that the installation team have suitable space to park their vehicle.

4.    Health and Safety and insurance liabilities prevent us from entering your property for access.

Should you live in a flat we will only be able to deliver the building and will have to abort the installation.

5.    It is essential that you are available when the installation team arrive and when they have finished the building to ensure that the product is installed in the correct location and to your satisfaction. The installation team will ask you to sign a customer satisfaction form/delivery note.

You should note on this form any problems that you have with the building at this point. If problems haven’t been noted at this point and a 

re-visit is required to resolve the problem you will be charged a call-out fee. (Cost will depend on location.)

6.    If you have a query or require any additional information regarding the delivery and installation of your garden building, then please contact us

7.    We will not enter neighbouring gardens, however, if this is the only route we are happy to allow a third party to carry the shed through.

neighboring gardens and then when the shed is in your own garden we will be happy to carry on with the installation.

 (A third party must be on-site at the same time as us, we will not wait for them to arrive as this will cause 

unacceptable delays to our schedule for other customers )

8.    We will not install next to razor-sharp security wires, this should be removed and refitted after our team has installed your garden building.

9. If we are prevented from installing your product for any reason that is no fault of "our" own we will give you 10 min to correct the situation, if after this you insist we wait around we will bill @ £10.00 Per 10 minuites (per operative) (£60 an hour per operative) "waiting time" this will be due immediatly before the installation can resume

10. If "you" have restricted access it is your responcibility to inform us before arrive of any issues so we can try and come up with a soloution for you

Environmental Protection

As a caring company, we will dispose of all our waste responsibly, Using approved recycling companies to handle our waste when possible. As a caring company, we hold a valid waste carriers licence.

Noise pollution

As our products are screwed and bolted together there is no hammering involved our teams create very little noise. 

This enables us to carry out installation between the hours of 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM (except in areas where covenant prevents this)  

Aborted Installation - What happens if we cannot install your garden building. 

If the installation team arrive and are not able to complete the installation of your building for any of the following reasons:

The Installation of your building will be aborted and no refund of any kind can be offered

The building will be left on site for self-installation. If you still require the building to be installed then the cost of the re-visit will be available on request depending on location. no refund of any kind can be given, including any "travel costs paid"



We must be notified of any access restriction before order this includes but not limited to: Right angle bends, fences, height restrictions and excessive steps. No excuses, access is your responsibility, not ours. Any advice we give regarding access is just that, you should satisfy yourself if access is clear!

As always we will take care when installing/delivering your garden product , however "we" cannot be held liable for any damaged caused by this process, it is at your own risk if you do not agree to this "we" cannot install your product, by letting the installation take place you have agreed "we" are in no way liable for any damage to any items or part of your garden the best way to ensure no problems on the day is to make sure the access and around your base is clear of anything that may get damaged before our teams arrive,This is "your" responsibility not "ours" so regrettably we take no responsibility for them 


Our Products

All of our products are bespoke and made to ‘your’ specification so we cannot offer any refunds of deposits or any monies paid after 7days as by this time considerable work will have been carried out on your order.

Our products are not sold for any particular purpose or use, therefore, is not bound by any building regulations or any other safety requirement.

Glazing on all sheds, summer houses are horticultural glass (unless stated otherwise) this can be upgraded to toughened safety glass or laminate glass subject to an additional cost, it is the buyers' responsibility to select the correct glass for the intended use.

As a caring manufacturer, ALL playhouses will only contain safety glass or styrene we will not put standard glass in even if you request us to.

Naturally, we cannot know all of the circumstances around how our products are used and cared for so ultimately the responsibility falls with the end-user(s) to determine if a product is suitable or safe for the intended purpose. 

Naturally we make all of our products to the highest standard but regrettably “we” ( Woodhouse Sheds & Garages Ltd and or any of its directors ) cannot be held responsible for injury however caused by the use or care of its products. Assuring you our best attention at all times.

Warranty Information


Additional Information

All bespoke/non-stocked fencing items must be paid for in full at the time of order. 

Any fitting or disposal charges must be paid for in full at the time of order. 

Rectification work required through no fault of our own I.E wrong size panels ordered (if we are fitting) will be charged £25 P/H PERMAN Including but not limited to waiting time, travelling time, work carried out in the factory and on-site, plus any new materials needed. We will NOT remove trees/shrubs growing on panels unless we were informed at the time of order and additional cost has been charged.

  By placing an order with us of any kind you "consent" to all of the above terms and conditions and understand all monies paid either in full or deposits are non refundable and balances must be paid on request

(Last updated 04/04/16 @ 00:03)

Illness global pandemic , virus, natural disaster


In the event of but not limited to ilness,global pandemic,viruses, natural disasters, government sanctions , legislation cause nationwide disturbances, affecting more than one postcode area,

We reserve the right to delay orders including delivery & installations for an unspecified amount of time,this time frame will be reviewed daily while dealing with “real world incidents”  we will refer to this as protocol  “CODEL”

When “CODEL” is enforce we cannot cancel or refund any money for any orders after 7 days, for what ever reaon , inclusing delays as a direct result of the real world situation this measure has been put in place to protect our core business during extreme circumstances,

We offer "delivery" and "installation free of charge we reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time, collection would be the minimum sercice we can offer under protocol "codel" This is used at our discretion

All current customers have been emailed with a copy of this update and are now bound by these new terms of sale

(Last updated 23/02/2020 @ 13.58)


"We" have activated protocol  "CODEL" to protect our core buisness during the COVID-19 , 

Delivery & installations have been suspened on instruction from central goverment, 

we are continuing to manufacture and prepairing all live orders on our system, we will review this daily based on goverment instruction ,when restrictions are lifted all delivery & installations will be cleared ASAP 

During this unprecedented timed we have activated protocol "CODEL"

(Last updated 30/02/2020 @ 9.00

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